About Me

This is Koipary, a full-time Internet Marketer and an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I am not an SEO Expert by talents but my continuous learning and striving of the last 8 years in Online Marketing Arena made me confident and helped me to take my Internet Marketing knowledge to the next level.

During my lifespan, I worked as a Textile Engineer, Marketing Officer, Production Manager and eventually an Internet Marketer. I grew up in a village but quickly adopted in different difficult phases of life and survived and became confident about my skill-sets after countless failures and investing countless hours of on learning and money on buying websites and Internet Marketing tools.

From cheats to clowns to priests, almost everyone makes money online. So do I. But I don’t feel proud of that money at all. Rather, changing people lives is what I am very moved by. I feel very much proud when I hear that one just started being massively successful in blogging or one doing insanely good in Affiliate Marketing or got a high paying remote jobs by just watching my videos. I love changing lives. And before I die, I would like to change at least a million of people’s live. And this is the core value of my course

My Life – A Bit!

There is nothing to tell you guys, except what I have done and built so far. Anyways, the achievement also very tiny to tell you right now..but who knows; you may be find me, someday and in somewhere else. Only then I might be seen. Then I would say – “Now You See Me”. Right? Lol..

I opened this blog to share my SEO expertise and knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing and thought this bangla SEO video blog might help some other guys in Bangladesh who are still struggling to get a life on Internet Marketing arena. Still continuing this vlog…lets see how far it goes. But, if only a student or reader of this blog can turn their life by watching my video tutorials; I would say, I am satisfied and fulfilled and would be happily live it upon.

personally I am happy with me, myself. I am happy for what I am doing for living. I am happy for everything what I have done and got as an achievement. Alhamdulillah. Still, far way to go….miles to walk. But still, I am a happy guy like millions in jessore. 🙂

Why Will You Call Me an SEO Expert?

I eat, sleep and breathe SEO and this is what I do for the living. I learned by myself and still testing a lot, every day.

On Page SEO

I have the skills to take care of –

    • hreflang Tag & related meta Optimization
    • Meta Title & Description Fixation
    • Schema Tags Implementation
    • Canonicalization Fixation
    • Robots.TXT Fixation
    • Sitemap & Google Fetch
    • Site Speed Optimization & Suggestions
    • Local SEO Tags optimization
    • GMB (Google My Business) Page & Map Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Full Technical Audit & Suggestions
    • Site Structure & UI suggestions
    • Semantic Issues & Keyword Cannibalization Fixation
    • Existing Content Audit & Suggestions
    • Keyword Research & Keyword Mapping
    • Content Strategy Making & Content Creation.
    • Google Webmaster Tool Integration & Error Removal.
  • Google Analytics Custom Data Reporting
  • Siloing & Website Structuring for SEO.

Off Page SEO 

In Off Page; I am experienced to perform –

    • Competitor link profile analysis
    • Link opportunity & source profile creation
    • Guest posting script to build links following long-term process
    • Listing key influencers in any niche
    • Disavowing harmful links
    • Anchor Text planning & variation strategy
    • Social Profile monitoring for better social signals
    • Submission Backlinks Creation
    • .edu and .gov backlinks creation
    • Broken Link Building
    • Relationship-Based Link Building
    • Guest posting for Links & Manual Outreach
    • Video Backlinks
    • Slides & Docs Backlinks
    • Links from Comments Section of Websites & Forums
    • Local Directory Links & Citation Building
    • Content Focused Link Building
    • Skyscraper Link Building & Roundup Posts.
    • Digital Marketing as a whole.

Besides SEO, I have also worked with Google Adwords & PPC campaigns on Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest. I recently offered some individuals (famous) an ORM (Online Reputation Management) services and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) services to some large websites who sell products and SaaS as well.  Though I will not claim myself an Expert in the PPC field yet, but I think there are always scopes for improvement and take my Internet Marketing knowledge to the next level.

Check My Latest Videos


October 30, 2019

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September 16, 2019

What Are The Links Google Tells Us Not To Build?

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August 18, 2019

How To Use Alternative Text & Nofollow Tag on Amazon Sitestripe Image & Links

We usually use aawp or AMZ Image Inserter or EasyAzon to insert Product Images from Amazon. But lots of people still use default Amazon SiteStripe to generate Images

Lets Get Connected!

You can talk with me, chat with me and even meet with me at my Office in LateNightBirds…or in several online places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It would be even better if you start watching my SEO videos in Bengali from scratch (on YouTube) and tell me after watching – “hey, I have learned something new today and going to be another SEO experts in Bangladesh soon.”. 🙂

You can knock me over different social media websites also. Check below to find those contact details.  Let me know the problem your website and you are facing right now. Talk to you soon.

For any kind of SEO Tips or Suggestions; join my SEO Mastermind Group on Facebook . and meet with thousands other SEO professionals and experts from jessore and all over the world who speaks bengali. Let’s Get Connected. 🙂

Let’s Get Connected. 🙂

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